Monday, 22 June 2015

High Disk & Processor Usage GAME LAG !!! FiX !!!

Hey Friends, today I gonna tell you how high disk & processor usage effects the system and games & How to overcome this issue which, sometimes goes mad without any user activity. This problem has faced by many of the users now days.

Effect Of Unnecessary Disk & Processor Usage:

It generates heat unnecessary which turns into excessive heat and then it effects itself & other parts like graphic card, hard disk, (which will be spinning uselessly) motherboard, ram, battery etc.

  1. It can make your games lag due, to overheat of processor & motherboard which will be sure in this case so at the end FPS decrease :(. 
  2. It degrades the life of Processor, motherboard & and battery which in simple make even your new system old soon.

How To Overcome This Problem:

I figured it out and it took a lot of days of experimenting different processes to disable and re enable and so on.At the end what i came to the conclusion was:
  1. Press Win+R.Type "services.msc" in the run.
  2. In the services dialogue box look for following services:-
  • "Background Intelligent Transfer Service" Stop this service and set it to Disable or Manual (recommended)
  • "Superfetch" Stop This and set it to Disable or Manual (Recommended)
  • "Windows Search" also Stop this and set it to Disable or Manual
  • "Windows Update" to Manual (But don't neglect downloading updates for your system)
*Also check your PC For Viruses & Spyware  which can also effect 


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    1. Hello Khizar, the solution you've just posted is just a "bandaid" type of fix. It won't work permanently. If all the updates are downloaded and installed without any issues (no missing file(s)), AND the hard drive is not damaged, AND the system is virus free, the 100% disk usage is only temporary, especially, right after the secury .NET Framework updates (more than 120 files) have been installed. Just let your system idle for a few hours so the updates can do what they are meant to do, and after that the 100% disk usage issue will go away. You'll still have a momentarily high disk usage at starup, of course, but it won't be more than just a couple of minutes.

    2. hmmmmmmm thanks alot for letting me know.Great comment dude. you are right also you may do that with these tips ;)