Sunday, 21 June 2015

GTA V Tweaking Guide FPS+++ (Nvidia Only)

Hey friends today i'll tell you about tweaks from Nvidia control panel to play Gta V as smoothly as possible

1)Go to your Nvidia Control Panel

2)Click Manage 3D Settings 

3)Go to program settings tab

4)Select Gta V from there & do the following   changes:-

  • Of course select High Performance Nvidia As Graphics Processor.

  • Change Anisotropic Filtering to "Application controlled"

  • Antialiasing-FXAA to "ON"

  • Antialiasing Mode to "Application Controlled

  • Antialiasing Transparency to "Multisample"

  • Maximum pre-rendered frames to "1"

  • Multiple Display/Mixed GPU Acceleration to "Single display performance mode" (if u have single display)

  • Power management Mode to "Prefer maximum Performance"

  • Shader Cache to "ON"

  • Texture Filtering-Anisotropic sample option to "OFF"

  • Texture Filtering-Negative LOD Bias to "Allow"

  • Texture Filtering To "Quality"

  • Texture Filtering Trilinear Optimization to "ON"

  • Threaded Optimization to "Auto"

  • Triple Buffering To "ON"

  • Vertical Sync to "ON" (Also "ON" V Sync From Game Within)

  • Virtual reality Pre-rendered frames to "1"

    That's it you have to do from Nvidia Control Panel to Optimize your Gta V FPS.I'll tell you more and more secrets of optimizing gaming subscribe to my blog and share it for others.


  1. Any way I can subscribe to your blog ?

    1. Thankyou very much I appreciate it.Stay in touch I'll post more tips ;)

  2. Grazie sei un grande, funziona.

  3. I Have Nvidia GPU Set As Default But I Have High Nvidia Processer Aswell whats Better For Grand Theft Auto V