Monday, 29 June 2015


Friends, today i'll tell you about the great
optimizing software which boost your system miraculously and kick out all the junk files out from your system.Iam talking about the Iobit Advanced System Care 8.3 Pro.I personally USE THIS and recommend this to every one.I have tried other optimizing software's like "System Mechanic", "Tune Up Utilities", "Uniblue PowerSuite" etc but i found that they are, i would not say i was disappointed but i was neither satisfied also.In websites like "Top Ten Reviews" you, may find "System Mechanic" on the top of the list etc but, they, may give false ratings because they ranked the product on top who will give more money to them simple.The proof for this is that have you ever see any free software in top ten reviews website !!! definitely not.Iam not criticizing them but iam just telling the truth about them. Anyways coming to the topic one more thing i must tell you that you, should NOT USE Iobit Malware Fighter as your primary antivirus as, unlike its counterpart Advanced System Care Pro its not so much great.Just use your antivirus with this optimizing tool that's it.I experimented Advanced System Care 8.3 Pro product in depth to find out whether, what this product advertise is really that much great and after experimenting my self i believed that it was doing great job specially it's Free "Smart Defrag" which has different modes to defrag as per your ease and also it defrags near to 100 percent even the OS drive unlike other defrag softwares specially "System Mechanic" Defrag optimizer or "Perfect Disk".And there are some other optimizers which, interestingly sometimes CREATE errors THEMSELVES and, show to their users who bought theirs expensive products that, error was found. And most of the users who do not have so much knowledge becomes happy that it was worth to spend money or others who used cracked product that the optimizer tool was doing great job.So you should be conscious how this trend works.At the end i would say give Iobit Advance System Care 8.3 Pro at try and see how it works yourself and don't worry i'll soon post the permanent cracked version of this software so you would not need to buy :)


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

GTA V FPS+Quality In Game Settings MUST SEE

I have Posted my settings of GTA V.These are for those who want performance but at the same time not want to compromise in quality.I have a ASUS ROG G551JW-DS71-CA GAMING LAPTOP and, with these settings and my Nvidia settings i love playing GTA V.

Important Points:

  • I use 1920x1080 resolution to play and in full screen

  • POST-FX:I have used "High".You may try "High" but, if you found little stuttering go straight away with "Normal"
  • V Sync:Earlier I said that V Sync should be disabled in Game while enabled in Nvidia Control panel.But now i recommend enabling V Sync "ON" in game also & Nvidia or Ati etc Control panel also.It removes jagged curved lines and shimmering across objects in game and also texture loss so, i recommend enabling both "ON" OR if not then at least "ON" in Control panel of your GPU.
Advance Settings: Completely "OFF"
  • If you have a Nvidia GTX GPU then, i highly recommend seeing my other post which is related to Nvidia users and apply those settings with this (MUST).I had made little changes with that according to GTA V.Other GPU users may also see this and if, they find some setting options same change like the Nvidia one.

  • Click on the Pics to make it bigger >>>

Monday, 22 June 2015

High Disk & Processor Usage GAME LAG !!! FiX !!!

Hey Friends, today I gonna tell you how high disk & processor usage effects the system and games & How to overcome this issue which, sometimes goes mad without any user activity. This problem has faced by many of the users now days.

Effect Of Unnecessary Disk & Processor Usage:

It generates heat unnecessary which turns into excessive heat and then it effects itself & other parts like graphic card, hard disk, (which will be spinning uselessly) motherboard, ram, battery etc.

  1. It can make your games lag due, to overheat of processor & motherboard which will be sure in this case so at the end FPS decrease :(. 
  2. It degrades the life of Processor, motherboard & and battery which in simple make even your new system old soon.

How To Overcome This Problem:

I figured it out and it took a lot of days of experimenting different processes to disable and re enable and so on.At the end what i came to the conclusion was:
  1. Press Win+R.Type "services.msc" in the run.
  2. In the services dialogue box look for following services:-
  • "Background Intelligent Transfer Service" Stop this service and set it to Disable or Manual (recommended)
  • "Superfetch" Stop This and set it to Disable or Manual (Recommended)
  • "Windows Search" also Stop this and set it to Disable or Manual
  • "Windows Update" to Manual (But don't neglect downloading updates for your system)
*Also check your PC For Viruses & Spyware  which can also effect 

Sunday, 21 June 2015

GTA V Tweaking Guide FPS+++ (Nvidia Only)

Hey friends today i'll tell you about tweaks from Nvidia control panel to play Gta V as smoothly as possible

1)Go to your Nvidia Control Panel

2)Click Manage 3D Settings 

3)Go to program settings tab

4)Select Gta V from there & do the following   changes:-

  • Of course select High Performance Nvidia As Graphics Processor.

  • Change Anisotropic Filtering to "Application controlled"

  • Antialiasing-FXAA to "ON"

  • Antialiasing Mode to "Application Controlled

  • Antialiasing Transparency to "Multisample"

  • Maximum pre-rendered frames to "1"

  • Multiple Display/Mixed GPU Acceleration to "Single display performance mode" (if u have single display)

  • Power management Mode to "Prefer maximum Performance"

  • Shader Cache to "ON"

  • Texture Filtering-Anisotropic sample option to "OFF"

  • Texture Filtering-Negative LOD Bias to "Allow"

  • Texture Filtering To "Quality"

  • Texture Filtering Trilinear Optimization to "ON"

  • Threaded Optimization to "Auto"

  • Triple Buffering To "ON"

  • Vertical Sync to "ON" (Also "ON" V Sync From Game Within)

  • Virtual reality Pre-rendered frames to "1"

    That's it you have to do from Nvidia Control Panel to Optimize your Gta V FPS.I'll tell you more and more secrets of optimizing gaming subscribe to my blog and share it for others.


Hi Friends.
Today I wan't to share with my readers how to fix the Gta v random crashes which occurs randomly while playing.As no doubt its a very interesting game with full of exciting missions and an amazing open world with stunning graphics but crash makes it worse...right !.But no worries, i had read many different articles on how to fix crashing but i came across one crack which i used it and after that not a single crash occurred.It took me 1&1-2 month to figure out what was causing crashing.Unfortunately it was 3dm cracks which was the culprit.So following are my tips:-

1)You should not use 3dm cracks & launcher to play Gta v.You may use their update ONLY which ever is latest but not cracks or in simple not run the game by their launcher.

2)Use my crack and copy it in your directory of Gta v and run the game by Gta v Launcher MUST (Otherwise no use of this crack ;) ).
Link is given at the end of this topic to download the crack

3)Use latest Drivers for your GPU

4)Use Iobit Turbo Booster (Optional) but very helpful

5)Defrag your drives MUST.I use Smart Defrag, it's the best one i found.I tried others also it was ok but not impressive like this one.

6)Right click my computer.Click properties.Then click advanced system settings.Next click Advanced tab and click on settings and again click advanced tab and in the virtual memory box click change and un check "automatically manage paging file size for all drives" and set initial and maximum size to double the amount of your ram like for eg:- if, you have 4 gb ram set it to 4096+4096+4096=12288MB.
If you dont have enough space set it to recommended size at least for both initial and maximum.

7) You are good to go ;) 

>>>>> Here is the Link to download the crack (UPDATED)

It's a torrent file download it and copy all the files in your GTA V folder.That's it

Have FUN Playing :P

Do tell me if it worked for you OR if you found any problems ;)

Those of you who are still having trouble I have another solution that after installing the above crack from method 1, you should make every .exe file in GTA V Folder run as an administrator. For example, right click on the GTA V launcher and go to properties and from there go to compatibility and then select options to run as an administrator. Do this with GTA V.exe file also etc. Then launch again by GTA V launcher.exe as described in method 1.

METHOD THREE: UPDATED FINAL!!!! ---> These are different Crack & Error Fix files for GTA V. This should work if above methods are not working. Feel free to tell me.