Tuesday, 23 June 2015

GTA V FPS+Quality In Game Settings MUST SEE

I have Posted my settings of GTA V.These are for those who want performance but at the same time not want to compromise in quality.I have a ASUS ROG G551JW-DS71-CA GAMING LAPTOP and, with these settings and my Nvidia settings i love playing GTA V.

Important Points:

  • I use 1920x1080 resolution to play and in full screen

  • POST-FX:I have used "High".You may try "High" but, if you found little stuttering go straight away with "Normal"
  • V Sync:Earlier I said that V Sync should be disabled in Game while enabled in Nvidia Control panel.But now i recommend enabling V Sync "ON" in game also & Nvidia or Ati etc Control panel also.It removes jagged curved lines and shimmering across objects in game and also texture loss so, i recommend enabling both "ON" OR if not then at least "ON" in Control panel of your GPU.
Advance Settings: Completely "OFF"
  • If you have a Nvidia GTX GPU then, i highly recommend seeing my other post which is related to Nvidia users and apply those settings with this (MUST).I had made little changes with that according to GTA V.Other GPU users may also see this and if, they find some setting options same change like the Nvidia one.

  • Click on the Pics to make it bigger >>>

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  1. I have got a mid range i3 4030u 1.9 ghz ,nvidia 830 2gb , 4gb ram device, wat is the best settings pls ... Send to me at Google plus Ahmed omar